Breast Care 101

An extension of your face, your décolletage starts below your jawline and includes your neck, chest and breasts.  The skin on this area is more delicate, has less oil glands, and more vulnerable yet it's often most neglected. 

Consisting mainly of fat + connective tissues and milk glands, female breast tissues tend to have relatively few blood and lymph vessels.  Our body’s lymphatic system is mostly located in the underarm and chest regions.

The breasts also hold emotional stress and stagnant energy since it's right at the heart chakra.  Therefore they are prone to tenderness, lumps, inflammation, and tumors. 

One way to keep breast tissues healthy is through a daily massage.  Massaging your breasts promotes healthy lymphatic circulation and blood flow, it also helps us to connect to our heart energy.

 7 Ways to Care For Your Decolletage

1.  Moisturize
The delicate skin on your decolletage (neck, chest, and breasts) needs just as much if not more attention than your face.  The next time you apply your facial oil, serum, or moisturizer, make sure to take extra product and stretch all the way to this area.

2. Be Gentle
Avoid hot showers. Hard water from the tap may dry out and irritate the skin.  Moisturize right after shower.  Also avoid rubbing vigorously when you lather or dry off, dab gently instead.

3. Use Sun Screen

Use a high SPF on any exposed skin, especially on the decolletage.  The thinner skin on this area is more susceptible to sun damage so make sure you get into a habit of applying sunscreen here.

4. Use a Targeted Product
Our Décolletage Treatment is specially formulated for this area.  It's formulated with potent Chinese medicinal plants and nourishing butters to promote lymphatic circulation, repair damage, and to improve elasticity for your décolletage.

 5. Sleep on your back
Sleeping on your side can cause sagging and wrinkling.  Try to lay on your back to keep wrinkles from forming while your sleep.

6. Toss out your underwire bras
Underwire bras, when worn extensively, can impede lymphatic drainage. Poor lymph flow slows down or obstruct our bodies from getting rid of toxins and may contribute to other health issues.

7. Keep things moving
A woman's breasts hold emotional and spiritual energy as they are close to the heart.  Massage, stretching exercises, and meditation helps to
unblock stuck emotions and energy. 

Décolletage Treatment

Nourish delicate skin on your neck, chest, and breasts with this luxuriant and revitalizing treatment balm.  Formulated with potent medicinal plants to promote lymphatic circulation and prevent stagnation.  Infused in nourishing botanical oils and butters to restore skin elasticity, repair free radical damage, and stretch marks.  A daily ritual keeps your skin firm, radiant, and luscious.