Autumn is a season of transitions.  The temperature, light, and humidity rapidly shift into a different pattern from summer.  Our body, mind, and immune system experience changes as foliage begins to transform and the natural world in the northern hemisphere starts to decline and decelerate.  

In Chinese medicine philosophy, autumn belongs to the metal element which is also related to the lungs. One of the oldest Chinese medicine texts, Nei Jing Su Wen (200 BCE) noted that the three months of autumn is the season of ripening and harvest.  One should follow the seasonal qi to preserve vitality. Rest early to avoid the night winds and rise early to enjoy the crisp autumn air, keep a calm and peaceful mindset, reel in mental energy avoiding anxiety and impulsiveness to balance autumnal qi and harmonize Lung qi.  This is the way of nourishing life and preventing disease.

What does this all really mean in the modern world? Flu season, fatigue, gatherings and parties - are some events that many of us experience during autumn.  It is a time for gathering, harvesting, and editing.  Wash your hands often, start wearing layers, eat nourishing foods of autumn, sleep early and cut down on late nights (and parties) so you can remain healthy or at least recover faster should you catch a cold. Our conduct in autumn prepare us for the stillness of winter. Prevention is key.

At 5YINA, we formulate our autumn skincare with this philosophy in mind, using botanicals to recondition and illuminate your complexion and calm your emotions during the transitional time of autumn. 



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