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The environment matters to us. 

We are a small team with big dreams to help make a difference in the beauty and wellness industry towards sustainability.  Did you know that 79% of plastics end up in landfill? Ever wonder how to properly recycle the caps and pumps of your skincare and wellness products?  We want more people to be aware of the packaging behind the products they are using and why this matters.

Plastic Negative Certified

We have chosen to be a Plastic Negative Brand certified by rePurpose Global.  This means that we removed at least twice as much plastic than what we produce at our facilities and during manufacturing. 

YINA Plastic Negative Certificate

Recycling Your Packaging


Rinse out glass jars and bottles thoroughly and recycle what you can at home. Always double check with your local recycling facility to make sure you're sorting your items correctly.

For hard-to-recycle pieces like pumps, droppers, caps and jar lids, send them back to us.

We partnered with a nonprofit collective that work outside the boundaries of the municipal system recycling programs to process these hard-to-recycle items.


Collect 10 YINA pumps, droppers, caps and jar lids.


You can either:
1) Drop them off at one of these bin locations, OR
2) Fill out this form and send them back to our HQ.

Empty jars and bottles of YINA products ready to get recycled.