Why Christmas trees are good for you and your skin

Materia Medica:
Douglas Fir
松叶  Pseudotsuga menziesii

We love this ubiquitous evergreen for many reasons.  It is a festive holiday symbol and used as an ornamental plant, in furniture, food, and medicine.  Its fresh balsamic aroma evokes the vast, pristine forests to instantly rejuvenate, stimulate deep breathing, and inspire a sense of peace.

Here are 5 health benefits of this majestic, ancient tree.


Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory - It’s used for skin irritations and bone injuries in folk medicine.  Infuse fresh needles in cold water to make a refreshing mouthwash.


Douglas fir needles are rich in vitamin C - one cup of fresh fir tips has more vitamin c than a lemon.


Honey infused with Douglas Fir is heavenly. 
It also makes a delicious chai.


The essential oil of Doulgas Fir supports respiratory health and helps with breathing.


Energetically, the aroma of Douglas Fir is both stimulating and grounding.



The QUIESCENT Hydrolat features distillate from Douglas Fir to help balance pH and mildly cleanse the skin.  This aromatic mist also helps gently ground energy for a meditative state.