Dr. Rachel Hemphill

Interview Series

Who: Dr. Rachel Hemphill, DACM, L.Ac., FABORM

Specialty: TCM Women's Health and Fertility

Location: Oakland, CA

TCM in Modern Wellness

When and how has your acquaintance with TCM start? 

I was acquainted with TCM at an early age. My first introduction to TCM was probably my grandmother’s Dong Gua Tang (Winter Melon Soup). Winter melon is a Yin in nature and helps the body combat the humidity and heat from summer. I was too young to remember the ingredients but she also made me drink an herbal carrot soup. She told me if I drank it daily I would never need glasses. She has been correct so far because I just turned 40 and my vision is still perfect. :) 

Acupressure At Home

What is one common health issue / pain that you observe in your clinic?

I specialize in fertility and women’s health and the one common health issue/pain issue I see in my clinic is dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps). 

What is one acupressure point that could alleviate this pain and can be done at home?

My favorite acupressure point to help alleviate menstrual cramps is Spleen 8. Spleen 8 is known as the Xi-Cleft point of the Spleen meridian. It regulates blood in the uterus and stops pain. 

sp8 acupressure point

TCM Ingredient

What is your favorite TCM herb?

My favorite TCM herb is Hei Zhi Ma (Black Sesame Seed).

  • Benefits: Hei Zhi Ma nourishes Liver Blood and Kidney Jing. It is great at treating premature graying of the hair, blurred vision and low milk supply in nursing women. I always recommend it as a postpartum food to my patients. I also credit Hei Zhi Ma in helping keep my hair minimally gray.

Where to find it? 
You can actually find many foods containing black sesame at most grocery stores. 

Herb Handling / At-home usage recommendations
My current obsession is the Black Sesame Almond Milk from Three Trees. I like to steam it in my milk frother and treat myself to this warm treat in the morning or right before bed.

Favorite YINA product

My favorite YINA product is the DIVINE BIO-CELLULOSE MASK. I love to put it on at the end of a long day and watch TV. It helps keep my skin hydrated and radiant. I always have one in my carry on so I use it during air travel. It is also a must-have for any vacation that involves sun exposure. I make it a habit to use one daily if I spend time in the sun. 

Dr. Rachel Hemphill Portrait

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