14 Vital Tips for Breast Health & Beauty


An extension of your face, your décolletage starts below your jawline and includes your neck, chest and breasts.  The skin on this area is more delicate, has less oil glands, and more vulnerable yet it's often most neglected. 

Consisting mainly of fat + connective tissues and milk glands, female breast tissues tend to have relatively few blood and lymph vessels.  Our body’s lymphatic system is mostly located in the underarm and chest regions.

The breasts also hold emotional stress and stagnant energy since it's right at the heart chakra.  Therefore they are prone to tenderness, lumps, inflammation, and tumors. 

One way to keep breast tissues healthy is through a daily massage.  Massaging your breasts promotes healthy lymphatic circulation and blood flow, it also helps us to connect to our heart energy.

Other than a healthy diet, exercise and good sleep habits, you can also keep your breasts healthy with the following tips:


Switch to a wireless bra or go bra-less at the
end of the day.


Extend your skincare and be extra gentle to the skin on your décolletage area. This helps prevent premature wrinkles and address damage too.


Ditch deodorants/antiperspirants that contain toxic ingredients such as  synthetic fragrances, aluminum, triclosan, pthalates, parabens, etc.,.


Keep alcohol drinks to 1 or less a day.  Anymore more may trigger an increased risk of developing breast cancer.


      Get familiar with how your breasts usually look or feel, so you'll be better at spotting any unusual growth or changes.

      Take a few minutes everyday to massage your breasts to help drain stagnant lymph fluid, stimulate blood flow, and connect to your inner goddess.