Materia Medica:  GINSENG 人参

Ginseng, known as a powerful adaptogen, has been used in traditional medicine throughout Asia for thousands of years. The gnarly roots sometimes resemble a miniature human body, hence its Chinese name - “Ren Shen” is loosely translated as human root.  Ginseng is a slow-growing forest perennial herb and each plant needs to reach over 6 years of maturity before it can be used as medicine.  Roots that are 15 years and older are highly valued by aficionados and herbalists.

Wild-harvested Ginseng
Shen Nong aka the Divine Husbandman, a mythical sage of prehistoric China, first documented ginseng as a tonic herb that calms spirits, brightens eyes, clears malignant energy, opens the heart, and benefits the brain.  Modern studies support these findings.*  Ginsenosides, the active compounds found in ginseng, help mitigate stress, increase immune cells, prevent cancer, improve cardiovascular and mental functions.  Some studies even suggested that ginseng can be used to treat virility and boost sexual performance.

When used topically, ginseng extracts prevent photo-aging, enhance wound healing, improve skin elasticity, promote circulation, and reinforce the skin barrier.  This is why we feature this human root as a treasured ingredient in our products.  Ginseng is found in the following products:

CLARIFY BOTANICAL SERUM - This herbaceous serum is formulated with Panacis quinquefolii, American Ginseng, for its protective ability to prevent sun damage.  Ginseng also has antimicrobial properties and helps prevent clogged pores and clarify acne-prone skin.


DIVINE BIO-CELLULOSE MASK - Another protective quality of ginsenosides is the ability to prevent melanogenesis.  Ginseng is highly anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative.  Our Divine Bio-Cellulose mask features Panax ginseng to help reduce hyperpigmentation and restore tired complexions.

Divine Biocellulose Mask