Breast Massage: Benefits & “Must-Have” Techniques

WRITTEN BY: JUN (Kanpobliss)

Massaging the breasts promotes circulation, revitalizes tissues, relaxes tension, brings fresh oxygenated blood, and removes toxins + stagnation in the breasts.  Breast-care is just as important as eating healthy or exercising regularly, so let’s make time for the girls in our daily self-care ritual.

Breast Issues

Unlike other parts of the body, there is no muscle tissue in women’s breasts. They are mostly fat tissues, milk ducts, connective tissues, blood vessels, nerves and lymph channels.  Therefore they need external assistance to improve circulation.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are 3 major meridians that run near the breasts area: Kidney, Liver, Stomach and 3 minor meridians Spleen, Pericardium and Gallbladder that run at the outer side of the breasts. Think of these as “highways” that carry Qi (energy) around the breasts. When there is traffic is smooth along the “highways”, the self-regulating meridians flows along happily. However when the flow becomes sluggish and stagnated, problems arise.

Your breast area may feel tight, sore and tender especially before or during periods, lumps can appear (some will disappear after menses).  These lumps may also be benign cysts, or 20% of cases, precursor for breast cancer.  Be sure to check with your physician if you have suspicious lumps.

Breast Massage with Jade Roller

To improve circulation in the breasts, you can use the jade roller to do simulate a MLD massage. MLD stands for “Manual Lymph Drainage” - founded by Dr. Emil in the early 1930s, originally to treat lymphedema - a condition where fluid accumulates in the body due to the dysfunction of the lymphatic system.

What’s Lymphatic System?
It’s part of the circulatory system and plays an important role in the immune system to keep the body fluids in balance and flushing out the toxins (metabolic wastes). It’s something your body does naturally, otherwise you’ll be a puffy puff. They are important because they produce and make cells that help to fight disease and infections.

MLD is a light, gentle rhythmic massage and should feel as if the skin is being caressed, not rubbed or kneaded. And that’s what jade rollers can do too! Sometimes we tend to put too much pressure when using hands. But with jade rollers, the pressure is evenly distributed along the length of the jade and it’s easier to just focus on pushing it lightly in one direction and let the jade roll on the skin.

If you are already jade rolling your face, why not bring it down and massage the breasts as well? Kill two birds with one (jade) stone.

Patients who have undergone mastectomy and had lymph nodes removed during the surgery are prone to lymphedema.  Studies show that MLD on the breasts may help to improve lymph drainage of the arm and aid in post-operative healing to reduce appearance of scar tissues.

Importance of Breast Massage

Massage promotes circulation, revitalizes tissues, relaxes tension, brings fresh oxygenated blood, and removes toxins + stagnation in the breasts. During a massage, the fibrils (small fibres) of the connective tissues moves, compresses and expands. This creates a Piezoelectric Effect ("pee-ay-zo-electricity"), literally meaning “pressure electricity”, which acts like an electric zap to the cells. In response, the cells alert their surrounding tissues, to un-gel, loosen and activate metabolic activity to nourish what’s necessary and drain what’s unnecessary.

In summary:

  • Increases healthy blood flow and circulation in the Liver, Stomach and Kidney meridians in the breasts area
  • Improves premenstrual breast tension
  • Promotes lymph fluid movement
  • Helps promote healing of the skin
  • Reduces water retention and swelling

The Ritual

  • Get a good medium sized jade roller. Make sure to check it is clean, smooth and not chipped before you start. You do not want to get any cuts.
  • Apply the GUIYING décolletage balm or a few drops of your favorite beauty oil onto skin and spread them evenly around your collarbone and breasts area.
  • Wash & dry your hands, otherwise you’ll find it difficult to grasp the slippery jade.
  • If your roller squeaks, add a drop of oil to the head of the rollers too.

Get Rolling

You can do it in the bath or shower, as warm water can help with the relaxation. 
Or you can do it lying down on your back, whichever is comfortable.

  1. Raise your left arm and hold the roller with right hand.
  2. Imagine your boobs like a clock, the nipple being the middle.
  3. Roll the jade roller from the nipple towards the outside like a clock at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 o’clock.
  4. Roll slowly and gently, 3 to 5 seconds to complete one sweep.
  5. Go around the clock 3 to 5 times, radiating out like sunshine.
  6. The “dumping area” is around the collar bone and armpit area so roll towards those two areas.
  7. Repeat on opposite side.



Take your time and enjoy this moment of self-care.  Obviously it's not something to do when you are in a hurry.  Relax and breathe deeply to maximize the flow of Qi.  Listen to your body and experiment with what feels best and right for you.


Do it every day or 2-3 times a week, about 5 minutes per breast. It’s recommended to do it more often before menses to prevent breast tenderness. Whenever you find a moment or when you perform your daily beauty ritual. Just like with other treatments, the results are cumulative so it’s good to do it regularly.


The product should be well absorbed into your skin by now, otherwise wash or wipe chest area with warm water or warm towel. Go braless and relax for a while.  Don’t forget to clean your roller with warm water and mild soap and dry it for next use. Avoid washing with hot water and/or harsh chemicals as this may damage the jade.