YINA was founded by Angela and Ervina as a vision to share wellness rituals inspired by Chinese Medicine. 

Coming from the names of both founders, meaning "harmony and beauty," chosen for our belief that the two go hand in hand.  YINA embodies personalized modern wellness rituals that are rooted in traditional wisdom.  

Beauty and Wellness are One. 
We are here to demystify and enliven Chinese Medicine.
We promote true vitality and prevent disease.
We are committed to deliver efficacious and sustainable products of exceptional quality to you.

Angela’s journey to TCM started with a class in Medical Ethnobotany at UC Berkeley.  This ignited her love of plant biology and spearheaded her pursuit of understanding Chinese medicinal plants.  She heads YINA's product development and operations. If you’ve ever tried YINA products, they are developed right here in California by Angela and the crew.


Ervina healed herself with Chinese Medicine during her cancer treatments. She received a scholarship from the Chinese government for her PhD in TCM and clinical training in autoimmune disease.  She’s also a registered TCM dermatologist.  Her passion for medicine and art made her a collaborator in product formulations, design, and business development for YINA. 

Fun Facts:
In her spare time, Angela studies Chinese Polestar Astrology and the Yi Jing (易经) - she also does readings, that is, if you’re lucky enough to score an appointment!

Ervina dabbles in Chinese calligraphy - she practices calligraphy as a form of meditation and relaxation.  YINA’s submark is an oracle bone script that's created by her calligrapher teacher ( it means "materia medica").

Even though they were born and raised miles apart (New York and Singapore) - Angela and Ervina met in graduate school and created YINA in San Francisco.  Both co-founders grew up immersed in Chinese culture and practice  养生 Yang Sheng, the art of self-care, promoting longevity and vitality through nurturing the body, mind, and spirit.