Here’s another medicinal plant that has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese Medicine for its unparalleled power at quelling inflammations: Chrysanthemum Indicum - Ye Ju Hua 野菊花.


This unassuming perennial grows freely and wild in many parts of Asia. Ye Ju Hua, aka Wild Chrysanthemum, is a small but mighty flower.  Almost feisty, we’d say.  Its aroma is herbaceous, cleansing, and spicy, with a touch of menthol. 

Bitter, acrid, and cold in nature (in TCM, most bitter plants tend to be cold), Ye Ju Hua enters the Lung and Liver channels. It’s primarily used in Chinese medicine to drain fire, eliminate heat and toxins for conditions such as inflamed skin lesions, hypertension, eye disorders, and swellings.

Traditionally the flowers are used as a wash or poultice to treat boils, sores, and abscesses. Indigenous people from southwest China use this flower to prevent uv-induced skin damage. Studies show that extracts of Ye Ju Hua are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and effective against atopic dermatitis + UV photo-aging.

We formulate our iconic cleanser with Ye Ju Hua, because of its medicinal powers and history of efficacious clinical use.   This golden blossom is an exceptional ingredient to help soothe skin and alleviate oxidative damage.