Living Formulations. Traditional Wisdom. Timeless Beauty.

Every 5YINA product is a living formulation. We developed our formulas based upon ancient wisdom passed down by physicians and scholars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our formulations are constantly fine-tuned, improved, and harmonized to the seasons, availability of raw materials, and emerging research.  Adapting to the flow and changes in nature, every batch of our products may be subtly different with living nuances and delicate complexities.

We are more than a skin-care brand.

5YINA is about embracing holistic principles in today’s world.  We empower, encourage, and educate consumers about living with the rhythm of nature to achieve harmony of mind, body, and spirit. 

In-house development and manufacturing.  

Each 5YINA proprietary botanical complex is custom formulated, extracted, and infused. We manufacture our products in-house in tightly controlled micro batches to ensure the product you receive is fresh, pure, and of highest quality.

Unique R&D.

Our products are researched and developed in-house by our holistic practitioners, herbalists, and skincare experts based upon time-honored principles of Chinese medicine. All of our products are tested over 2 years in various environments and climates for every season. 

Safe and high quality ingredients.

There is no compromise when selecting what goes into our products.  Every ingredient is carefully sourced from responsible suppliers for the highest grade possible to yield the most potent, concentrated, and clean formulations. We test only on people and never on animals.