Recovery Body Duo


This two-piece set includes a BIAN Stone Gua Sha and RECOVERY Body Treatment (RBT). 

Bian Stone Gua Sha
Our bestselling Gua Sha tool is made with the cosmic Bian stone, formed 65 million years ago with over 30 traced minerals that's highly beneficial for you. In a comfortable size that is great for both face and body gua sha. 

Recovery Body Treatment (RBT)
Infused with a rejuvenating blend of Chinese medicinal plants and grounding wood notes, the RBT balm helps to activate circulation, improve elasticity, boost repair, and balance the mind. This warming, invigorating, deep-conditioning balm leaves your skin smooth and energized while priming it for an elevated gua sha ritual.
When used together, the Bian Stone Gua Sha tool and Recovery Body Treamtment creates a powerful ritual that releases tension, improves circulation, stimulates lymph flow, nourishes skin, and promotes relaxation.

Set includes:
- Bian Stone Gua Sha
- Recovery Body Treatment (50 mL)