Premium White Peony Tea


White Peony Tea, also known as Bai Mudan (白牡丹), is a delicate and fragrant variety of white tea. It hails from the Fujian province in China, specifically from Fuding, where the ideal climate and clean mountainous terrain foster the growth of this delicate tea plant. This region is where the where the very best white tea is grown and produced. 

  • Wildcrafted
  • Premium-grade
  • From a small family farm
  • Free from pesticide, insecticide, and fertilizer
  • Hand-harvested

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Each canister is 30g


Our premium-grade White Peony Tea is whole, unprocessed, and covered in fine white hairs, giving it a silvery-green color. These hairs contribute to the tea's delicate taste and aroma. This is the same tea we use for extracts in YINA products.

Flavor and aroma:

  • elegantly sweet
  • honey and malt
  • fragrant floral
  • light and gentle