Yin Water Rabbit 

Lunar New Year starts on January 22, 2023, which marks the beginning of spring for East Asian cultures.  This is the time for new beginnings, changes, and transformation.  It’s also a time of celebration, gatherings of friends and families, and reconnecting with the community.

Reflecting on the last few years, 2020 Metal Rat shook things up, broke things down to bite-size pieces. 2021 Metal Ox plowed away the fluff and bramble from the previous year.  2022 Water Tiger manifested great change and sowed seeds that have the potential to become great or create destruction.  This year, the Water Rabbit radiates through with modesty and grace. It’s a time for healing, to turn inward, rediscover our strengths, and to cultivate compassion.  This is a year of challenges and rewards across the globe.  Challenges can be our best teachers as well as opportunities for deep learning and growth. 

Let’s explore what the Rabbit sign represents in Chinese Astrology.  You may come across lunar diagrams and images depicting rabbits sitting on the moon.  They represent the connection the Rabbit has with the yin world. 

When rabbits are energized they are gentle, discreet, intelligent, social, supportive, aesthetic, peace loving, and intuitive.  When they are depleted they tend to be gossipy, snobbish, superficial, greedy, scattered, vain, opportunistic, deceptive and lazy.

Those who are born in Rabbit years tend to hate confrontations of all kinds.  Safety and security are necessary for them to shine and become capable managers and advisors.  Take charge by supporting others and work towards a common goal, they function best working from home.  Rabbits are actually quite social and work great in a team.  They are great collectors and find meaning through their material possessions. These objects are truly precious and they derive energy from them.  They thrive with a close inner group of friends and family as partnerships are vital to Rabbits.

This is also a time to anchor down and fortify your foundation through self-improvement.  Tap into resources that help you learn new activities that support your mental, emotional, and physical health.  Root your self-care rituals to help harmonize your being and to deal with stressful and difficult times.

2022 was the year of the Yang Water element and this year it’s about Yin Water.   Yang Water can be aggressive, all consuming, destructive, and hard to control.  We’ve seen extreme weather conditions throughout the world, big change brought upon many, and an emotional roller coaster in the past year.  Yin Water is more calm, think of the deep vaste ocean, the calm alpine lake, or a flowing stream that meanders across the landscape.  Emotions will continue to be tested this year which may create more tension.  Yet, Yin qi gives us the opportunity to take a step back.  Instead of lashing out during frustration, redirect this energy and give compassion towards yourself and others.

The world needs more gentleness and healing this year.  There is an abundance of knowledge and spiritual teachings that are available to tap into with the Yin Water element, you’ll just need to ask. 

Seek out a mentor or wisdom teacher.   For some, transformative teachings can also come from within.  Slow down, rest deeply, and try practicing sitting meditation.    By giving yourself time, you can unravel and find solutions.  Cultivating the mind is one way to foster growth and give space for new ideas.

Yin qi is a vital life force that grounds and centers us; it also helps to guide Yang qi and keeps it in check.  This is the perfect time to nourish our yin qi reserves right now.  What does this entail?  Rest, take the time to reflect, engage in activities that nourish the body, promote circulation, and eat foods that replenish Yin. 

Having a healthy amount of Yin qi will stabilize your energy so when summer’s yang qi arrives, we can focus better and direct this great qi towards creativity and productivity.  Spring is pushing forward day by day, start taking initiative on new ideas and build momentum on projects that you have already started.  We need to gently nurture the seeds we have sown, protect the seedlings that have sprouted, and continue to foster inner growth. The theme of this year is education and maintaining inner peace.  

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