"Dry, chapped hands is the immediate result of excessive washing and cleaning of hands. We obviously have no choice in the matter given frequent sanitizing is our best defense against virus. Our next best bet: add balms and moisturizers to the new wellness regimen. Luxury TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine) organic skincare brand 5YINA's nutrient rich hand balm that is now part of my daily hand care ritual. Infused with powerful bioactive plant actives used in TCM healing, 5YINA Hand Treatment is anti microbial, anti inflammatory and rich in anti oxidants. What makes this such a soothing addition to a wellness routine is that at the end of a long day, essential oils of tulsi, spruce and pine create the feeling of bathing hands in the forest. A gentle hand massage using 5YINA Hand Treatment just before tucking in helps usher in deep slumber especially on days when the mind is overwhelmed by anxiety and stress."