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White Dew

This Sunday marks “White Dew” or “Bai Lu - 白露”, the 15th of the 24 seasonal notes of the East Asian Lunisolar calendar.  It also means we are only weeks away from Autumn Equinox!

White Dew happens when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 165°, and usually falls around September 8-9 every year. The ancient Chinese observed that dew drops are abundant during the season of Bai Lu.  This is because of an increase in Yin energy and cooling of the earth.  With greater temperature differences between day and night, water in the air condenses on the surfaces of plants and trees, resulting in the formation of early morning dew.


If you live in the northern hemisphere and noticed your skin feeling drier than usual, it's probably because of the transition from summer to fall.  Most people tend to switch skincare during the height of summer or winter months; when skin issues become more apparent. 

Chinese Medicine is about preventative care, so we like to be ahead of the game.  5YINA's autumn beauty oil, GRACE, was created to help you glide through the transitional period of Fall with, for lack of a better word, grace.

Formulated as a deep reparative treatment, GRACE Beauty Oil helps to rejuvenate damaged skin, defend against free radicals, and restore suppleness.

Balanced in fatty acids, antioxidant-rich botanicals, and skin-perfecting essences, this artfully crafted treatment aims to repair, recondition, and boost your skin against environmental stress.

The skin-repairing medicinal herbs found in GRACE:

    • Gotu Kola - Powerful regenerative herb that counteracts photo-aging and improves elasticity in the skin.
    • Tremella - Nature’s hyaluronic acid. Ancient fungus rich in vitamin D and minerals, keeps skin pliable and soft.
    • Mulberry Leaf - Native to China, this anti-inflammatory herb brightens and rejuvenates the skin.
    • Solomon’s Seal - Botanical medicine famed as a Yin tonic. Contains allantoin, and promotes elastin production.
    • Chrysanthemum - This gorgeous fall blossom contains lutein and flavonoids that help repair oxidative damage, rejuvenate skin, and brighten complexion.
    • Licorice root - A powerful anti-inflammatory, helps to reduce redness and irritations.
    • Osmanthus - Rich in niacinamide, this fragrant blossom help improve suppleness and even skin tone.
    • Calendula - Gentle but powerful medicinal flower, highly anti-inflammatory and promotes wound healing.
    • Reishi - A legendary mushroom rich in antioxidant and anti-allergenic properties, reishi or lingzhi, enhances immunity, vitality, and regeneration of skin.
    • Goji Berries - High in ORAC values and zeaxanthin, this mighty crimson seed help repair and impart a healthy glow to the skin.

We've used a soft floral and earthy blend of osmanthus, sandalwood, and petitgrain sur fleur to ground your senses. This aromatic blend gently gathers your spirits from the excitement and exuberance of summer, and helps you to get through autumn with ease and grace.

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Refresh your skincare ritual this season by blending a couple drops of GRACE and LUCENT Beauty Oil during the day. For your evening ritual, take a little more time with your facial massage with just GRACE.  Your skin will feel more supple, firm, and illuminated.