The Story of Lucent

The idea of creating a summer beauty product was sparked by my timely move to Hangzhou, China for doctoral school four years ago.

Angela and I had just completed another round of R&D with our first product in San Francisco, a beta-version of our ENLIGHTEN Beauty Oil,  which received glowing approvals from our test group. I packed a fresh bottle to Hangzhou, expecting it to work it's magic.  However after a week, the results were underwhelming; not because of the product, but because of my skin's unglamorous reaction to the sweltering climate.

Summer in southern China can get uncomfortably hot and muggy; Hangzhou’s lush and humid subtropical climate was a huge contrast from the cool, dry, Mediterranean-like weather of San Francisco. An oilier and congested complexion, although vexing, is a completely normal reaction to the hot and moist environment.

This prompted us to reevaluate our product lineup. Instead of reformulating ENLIGHTEN, we were inspired to develop products for every season, five to be exact.  Soon after, we created our solution for congestion-prone or oily-combination skin, the LUCENT.

The LUCENT beauty line is our vision of a refreshing summer beauty ritual.
Like a warm, brilliant light, LUCENT reconnects and attunes us to the passage of seasons and flow of nature. 

Inspired by the fragrant lotus gardens of Hangzhou, the LUCENT is created from an alchemy of pure and potent medicinal plants to clarify and balance normal to oily/ combination skin.


LOTUS LEAF + FLOWER: A sacred plant that purifies, decongests, and prevents breakouts.

PERILLA SEED: An anti-inflammatory seed that has serious antimicrobial and skin-protective properties. Rich in essential fatty acids to support the immunity of the skin.

AMERICAN GINSENG: A superbly powerful adaptogen that energizes, boosts radiance and brightens the complexion.

RADIX OPHIOPOGONIS: A nourishing and micronutrient-rich root that provides long-lasting, lightweight hydration and glow.

GREEN TEA: We use the highest grade of Matcha tea available for its exceptional level of catechins, or water-soluble polyphenols.  This ubiquitous plant boosts cellular immunity, astringes the skin, and feels exceptionally cleansing. 

LUCENT invites the magic of summer to provide clarity and radiance to your skin, balance and joy to your soul, and allows your being to blossom and flourish fully
all summer long.