Bai Zhu Root* - YINA

Bai Zhu Root*

Bai Zhu (白术) - Atractylodis macrocephalae* This invigorating root has anti-inflammatory a...

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Mother of Pearl - YINA

Mother of Pearl

Zhen Zhu (珍珠) - Concha margaritifera Mother of Pearl is known as the "Fountain of Youth." I...

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Rose Damask - YINA

Rose Damask

Mei Gui Hua (玫瑰花) - Rosa damascena Each ounce of rose essential oil is derived from tens of...

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Hyssop* - YINA


Niu Xi Cao (牛膝草) - Hyssopus officinalis* This essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antimic...

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Algae - YINA


Haizao (海藻) - Astaxanthin Extract A powerhouse antioxidant, astaxanthin is a carotenoid t...

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Bisabolol - YINA


Yangganju (洋甘菊) - Bisabolol  With anti-inflammatory properties, bisabolol soothes skin irrit...

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Gardenia Flower - YINA

Gardenia Flower

Zhi Zi (栀子) - Gardenia jasminoides Gardenia extract has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory pro...

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Patchouli* - YINA


Guang Huo Xiang (广藿香) - Pogostemon cablin* Patchouli has anti-inflammatory and protective ...

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Tamanu Seed* - YINA

Tamanu Seed*

Ta Ma Nu Zhongzi (塔马努种子) - Calophyllum inophyllum* This oil promotes cell growth, restores...

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Neroli* - YINA


Dai Dai Hua (代代花) - Citrus aurantium var. Amara* This essential oil has antiseptic properti...

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Camellia Seed* - YINA

Camellia Seed*

Cha Zi (茶子) - Camellia sinensis* A traditional carrier oil rich in omega fatty acids, vitami...

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Astragalus Root* - YINA

Astragalus Root*

Huang Qi (黄芪) - Astragalus membranaceus* Astragalus root is a Chinese Medicinal Qi booster. I...

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Licorice Root* - YINA

Licorice Root*

Gan Cao (甘草) - Glycyrrhiza glabra/Glycyrrhiza uralensis* Licorice root is a potent herb that...

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Angelica Root - YINA

Angelica Root

Dang Gui (当归) - Angelica sinensis Chinese Angelica Root is a potent anti-aging herb rich in p...

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Hinoki Wood - YINA

Hinoki Wood

Riben Bianbai (日本扁柏) - Chamaecyparis obtusa  Hinoki is antiseptic and antibacterial, which a...

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Gromwell - YINA


Zi Cao (紫草) - Lithospermum Gromwell is a regenerative herb with powerful anti-inflammatory pr...

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Rhodiola - YINA


Hong Jing Tian (红景天) - Rhodiola rosea A prized adaptogenic botanical that contains super an...

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