Gypsywort - YINA


Ze Lan (泽兰) - Lycopus lucidus Gypsywort extract has been known to help lower excessive thy...

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Golden Bell* - YINA

Golden Bell*

Lian Qiao (连翘) - Forsythia suspensa* Forsythia also known as Golden Bell, has anti-fungal a...

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Green Mandarin - YINA

Green Mandarin

Qing Pi (青皮) - Citrus reticulata This citrus makes for an invigorating cleansing oil that p...

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Green Tea* - YINA

Green Tea*

Lu Cha (绿茶) - Camellia sinensis* Green tea extract has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant pr...

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Gardenia Flower - YINA

Gardenia Flower

Zhi Zi (栀子) - Gardenia jasminoides Gardenia extract has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory pro...

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Gromwell - YINA


Zi Cao (紫草) - Lithospermum Gromwell is a regenerative herb with powerful anti-inflammatory pr...

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