Bakuchiol Seed - YINA

Bakuchiol Seed

Bu Gu Zhi (补骨脂) - Psoralea corylifolia This extract helps to brighten, tone, and plump the...

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Nut Grass - YINA

Nut Grass

Xiang Fu (香附) - Cyperus rotundus Nut Grass is an ancient medicinal root that helps improve ...

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Gypsywort - YINA


Ze Lan (泽兰) - Lycopus lucidus Gypsywort extract has been known to help lower excessive thy...

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Golden Bell* - YINA

Golden Bell*

Lian Qiao (连翘) - Forsythia suspensa* Forsythia also known as Golden Bell, has anti-fungal a...

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Millettia Vine - YINA

Millettia Vine

Ji Xue Teng (鸡血藤) - Spatholobus suberectus This vine native to Eastern Asia activates the ...

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Pink Lotus - YINA

Pink Lotus

Lian Hua (莲花) - Nelumbo nucifera The pink lotus is a sacred flower that helps to released s...

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Skullcap Root - YINA

Skullcap Root

Huang Qin (黄芩) - Scutellaria baicalensis Skullcap has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammat...

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Vetiver* - YINA


Xiang Gen Cao (香根草) - Vetiveria zizanioides* Rich with antioxidants, vetiver is essential ...

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Green Mandarin - YINA

Green Mandarin

Qing Pi (青皮) - Citrus reticulata This citrus makes for an invigorating cleansing oil that p...

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Rosehip Seed* - YINA

Rosehip Seed*

Jin Ying Zi (金樱子) - Rosa rubiginosa* An anti-inflammatory herb rich in linoleic acids, and ...

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Moringa Seed* - YINA

Moringa Seed*

La Mu (辣木) - Moringa oleifera* Nature's cleanser, moringa oil is a rich monosaturated lipid ...

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Rose Clay - YINA

Rose Clay

Chi Shi Zhi (赤石脂) - Kaolin Rose clay helps to draw excess sebum and debris out of the skin. ...

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American Ginseng - YINA

American Ginseng

Xi Yang Shen (西洋参) - Panax quinquefolius A powerful adaptogen that is deeply mineralizing. I...

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Lavender* - YINA


Xun Yi Cao (薰衣草) - Lavandula angustifolia* Lavendar has anti-inflammatory properties that h...

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Job's Tears* - YINA

Job's Tears*

Yi Yi Ren (薏苡仁) - Coix lacryma-job* An ancient grain with anti-allergy properties to calm a...

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Castor Seed* - YINA

Castor Seed*

Bi Ma Zi (蓖麻子) - Ricinus communis* Castor seed oil helps to moisturize and soothe troubled ...

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Radish Root - YINA

Radish Root

Luo Bo (蘿蔔) - Leuconostoc Leuconostoc has antimicrobial properites that act as a natural pr...

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Lotus Leaf+ - YINA

Lotus Leaf+

He Ye (荷叶) - Nelumbo nucifera+ Lotus leaf is a sacred herb that helps purifies, decongests sk...

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Poria Mushroom* - YINA

Poria Mushroom*

Fu Ling (茯苓) - Poria cocos sclerotium* A Chinese Medicine mushroom, poria contains micronut...

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Aloe Vera Leaf* - YINA

Aloe Vera Leaf*

Lu Hui (芦荟) - Aloe barbadensis* Aloe Vera has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties...

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Green Tea* - YINA

Green Tea*

Lu Cha (绿茶) - Camellia sinensis* Green tea extract has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant pr...

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Safflower Seed* - YINA

Safflower Seed*

Hong Hua (红花) - Carthamus tinctorius* This noncomedogenic and anti-inflammatory oil helps t...

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Perilla Seed* - YINA

Perilla Seed*

Zi Su Zi (紫苏子) - Perilla frutescens* Perilla seed is an anti-inflammatory seed that has ser...

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White Lotus - YINA

White Lotus

Bailian Jiao (白莲敎) - Nelumbo nucifera A sacred herb that purifies, decongests and prevents ...

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White Tea+ - YINA

White Tea+

Bai Cha (白茶 ) - Camellia Sinensis*+ We sourced for this wildcrafted, white tea from the rem...

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Peony Root - YINA

Peony Root

Bai Shao (白芍) - Paeonia albiflora Peony root is a powerful anti-inflammatory botanical that ...

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