May 14, 2020 Press Release
San Francisco, California

Hand Treatment PDF Version

New Hand Treatment Balm with
Anti-Microbial Ingredients

    5YINA New Product Launch
    An ultra-healing hand treatment balm infused with high concentrations of reparative and antimicrobial botanicals.  These powerful plants have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and have potent anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.  

    Strengthens Skin Barrier
    Nourishing fatty acids derived from plant oils and butters help soften hands and  prevent dehydration from environmental damage and frequent hand washing.

    A precise formulation of anti-microbial plants -
    Honeysuckle, Tea Seed, Moringa, Hinoki, & Tulsi, help protect skin barrier against microbes.

    Neutralizes Free Radicals
    Astragalus & Licorice have powerful antioxidant and inflammatory compounds to help soothe and repair skin.

    Forest Bathing
    The clean, woodsy scent is derived from a blend of Hinoki, Fir, Holy Basil, and Spruce to evoke the calming experience of forest bathing.

    Angela and Ervina, Co-Founders of 5YINA, developed the Hand Treatment as a product to support acupuncturists and doctors who frequently wash their hands due to the nature of their job.

    As part of their ongoing efforts to giveback to the community, 5YINA donates 2% of all sales during this time to First Responders First, an initiative to provide essential supplies and resources for frontline health workers.

    Press Contact:

    Lin Chen

    (347) 815-0348