Facial Gua Sha for Acne

Gua Sha for Acne

We all know that Gua Sha helps to tone and improve lymphatic drainage, but do you know that Gua Sha is helpful for congested skin as well?

Before we dive into Gua Sha for acne, it’s helpful to know what exactly is acne. 

Acne is a dermatological condition caused by clogged follicles. When dead skin cells and excess oil are not cleared up, they can clog up the hair follicles on our skin.  This in turn form into the following acneic conditions that appear as white /black heads, pimples, red bumps or cystic lumps.  (Read more on Acne here.)

The good news is Gua Sha can help to reduce and prevent acne. 

If you are new to Gua Sha, it is an ancient self-care tool that helps to improve circulation, boost lymphatic flow, release tension and rejuvenate the skin. Read more about what is Gua Sha here.

Oftentimes, acne is caused by poor cell turnover and circulation, which lead to clogged pores.  The whole idea about Gua Sha is that it helps to move stagnant energy in your body.  Our lymph system transports waste in our body, if these waste are not moving  fast enough, it can lead to clogged pores as well as other health issues.  Do keep in mind that Gua Sha is a holistic and gradual treatment, meaning that you will not see results immediately. 

What would be most helpful is to combine facial acupuncture, professional extractions, and gentle exfoliation with Gua Sha for optimal, long lasting results.  As with most Chinese medicine therapies, it’s all about prevention. Scientific study link.

The key is to move your Gua Sha correctly to guide the drainage.  While the idea is to always glide your Gua Sha from the center out and up, you will have to intentionally and gently glide your tool downwards if acne is a concern.  By gliding your Gua Sha around the ears, down the neck and collarbone area where a denser network of lymph vessels is located, you are stimulating a healthier flow of lymphatic drainage and a natural glow.


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