2022 Water Tiger

Roarrr! February 1st, 2022 marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year which corresponds to the Water Tiger.  Forward action is the name of the game this year.  Power up visions and plans that you’ve set in place the last two years.  Change is ripe in the air!  As we move into spring, start taking initiative on all activities and build momentum on projects that you have already started.  It’s time for us to water fields and nurture the seeds we have sown, protect the seedlings that have sprouted, and foster the growth of new beginnings. 

Tigers are of a daring personality.  They are strong willed, energetic, lucky, unconventional, courageous, competitive, honest, and dedicated when charged with Qi.  But when their Qi is depleted,  tendencies of restlessness, impulsiveness, stubbornness, rebellion, pride and conceit will arise.  Tigers have stripes - there is a difference between their public and private personas.  They can be very strong in public but oftentimes will require down time and personal space for restoration and rejuvenation. 

The water element present in this year means there's an abundance of knowledge and wisdom teachings that are available to tap into.  Spend time to cultivate your spirituality.   Don’t be shy and ask for advice when you need support, reach out to teachers and peers.  Begin a new adventure, make that move happen, start your new business, shift your career.  All of these actions will be auspicious this year.  Let your ideas blossom and grow freely.  The theme this year is to be fearless.


Lookout for stagnation.  When roads are blocked and obstacles arise, we need to remind ourselves to take a deep breath and stay calm.  This stuck energy can easily rile up our emotions leading to frustration, disagreements, and aggression.  Listen and tap into your compassion.  A great way to keep your qi flowing is to start or increase an exercise routine.  Consider trying mindful deep breathing and gentle tai chi exercises.  Be playful and don’t go crazy with your routine, just be consistent.  A few times a week will keep your blood flowing and qi moving to prevent stagnation.  

Digestion will be a big topic this year.  Eat with the seasons.  We encourage you to avoid iced/cold foods, treats, and beverages.  Healthy digestion is critical for great skin, clear mind, and a vibrant body.  YINA will be sharing more Yang Sheng eating tips, movement, and acupressure guidance to help support your wellbeing throughout this year.  Look out for our bi-weekly seasonal qi node advice on social media.  

2020 Metal Rat shook things up, broke things down to bite size pieces. 2021 Metal Ox plowed away the fluff and bramble from the previous year.  2022 Water Tiger is about manifesting change.  This year will be a great year to spend time planning and gathering resources for the decade to come.  Give yourself space and time.  Start executing small tasks and goals.  You will feel the passion bubbling up to inspire you to get the ball rolling.  Flow with the Water Tiger wave, be flexible, take action.

To find out what the new year brings for your sign, take our skin and wellness quiz!