This Ancient Berry Helps You Glow, Inside and Out

Mighty Berries

If you love berries for their health benefits, check out goji - an ancient berry native to China.  This original super berry is an antioxidant powerhouse that's packed with free radical scavengers such as Vitamin C, beta carotene, and 20+ minerals at higher levels than the other berries.   Goji also helps with detoxification by promoting a healthy gut microbiome, it’s high in polysaccharides that ferment in the large intestine.  The nutrients found in goji help to boost immunity, promote wound healing, healthy liver, support vision, heart health, and improve skin, bones + cartilage.  Mighty benefits for a tiny berry.

Yin Tonic

Also known as 枸杞子- Gou Qi Zi, goji is commonly used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to tonify Yin and nourish blood.  For those who clock a significant amount of screen time, consider adding some goji to your tea.  Goji is popular TCM herb to help brighten the eyes.  This medicinal berry is rich in two key nutrients zeaxanthin and lutein, antioxidants that protect eyes from blue light.


Ningxia region of Northern China, the goji capital of the world, has 16 times more people over 100 than the rest of China.   These centenarians also seemed more vibrant and energetic than their peers in the west.  Their secret? Eating goji berries regularly.


The easiest way to consume goji berries is by drinking it.   We recommend steeping a small handful into tea or hot water to improve the bioavailability.  If you are looking to boost immunity, try making Eight Treasure Tea, which features goji as one of the ingredients.   It’s also a versatile ingredient that can be used in savory or sweet dishes.   We love sprinkling some goji in our apple pies for a dash of super berry power.


Just because it’s a super food does not mean you can consume it abundantly.  If you are pregnant, have GI issues, or on blood thinners, you might want to avoid goji berries until you check in with your physician.



When it comes to glowing skin, Goji is a stellar ingredient as it promotes collagen and elastin production.  Lookout for this berry, if you are concerned about hyperpigmentation, - it reduces oxidative stress and protects the skin against ultraviolet-induced damage to block melanin production and brighten the complexion.   It also contains 18 amino acids including the 8 essential amino acids to improve cellular hydration.  Now you can really give your skin a drink, cheers!