Mini Minimalist Set

$ 60.00

YINA's 3-step routine of our skin-revitalizing essentials. Powered by our proprietary blends of Chinese medicine botanicals and adaptogens to uncover your healthiest-looking skin. Best for trial or travel. 

Best Skincare Brand 2023 (USA/Canada) — Beauty Shortlist Awards Winner


Step 1: Bioadaptive Cleanser 
A soothing cream cleanser in a base of White Tea that deeply cleanses with Pink Clay and Moringa while Poria and Pearl gently dissolve buildups and dead skin to reveal a softer, brighter complexion. 

Step 2: Essential Mist
A toner-essence that balances with Prebiotics, plumps and hydrates with Tremella, brightens with Ginseng, and soothes with White Tea and antioxidant-rich botanicals. Skin feels supple and balanced.

Step 3: Hydracloud Cream
A lightweight yet moisturizing cream that repairs, restores, and rejuvenates skin for a healthier, more radiant complexion. Strengthen skin barrier and even skin texture with Niacinamide. Activate skin's natural healing capabilities with our Ginseng Complex. Nourish and boost elasticity with skin-loving peptides. 


Set includes:
- Bioadaptive Cleanser 10mL
- Essential Mist 10mL
- Hydracloud Cream 7g


YINA Bioadaptive Cleanser is a restorative treatment cleanser. Made of a harmonious blend of East Asian Medicine extracts, including white tea, pearl, and medicinal mushrooms that gently exfoliates, soothes, and brightens while effortlessly dissolving impurities and pollutants. Formulated at the perfect pH to preserve your skin's delicate barrier. A thorough cleanse that leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, and never tight.

To use: Apply 3-5 pumps to the face and massage gently for 1-2 minutes, wetting your hands with water to emulsify. Wipe off or rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Pro tip: Leave the cleanser on for 1-2 minutes as a quick mask for even brighter and softer skin.

apply 3-5 pumps

massage for 1-2 minutes

woman spraying her face with YINA essential mist.


A multitasking hydrator, toner, and essence in one. YINA Essential Mist combines White Tea, Rosewater, Ginseng, Tremella, and Prebiotics to nourish, hydrate, and shield your skin from environmental damage. It soothes, rebalances, and leaves you with a dewy, glowing complexion. Harmony is just a spritz away.

To use: Mist the skin after cleansing and before moisturizer to balance and hydrate the skin. Mist anytime throughout the day to refresh and recalibrate skin. Good to use over makeup as well.

woman moisturizes skin with YINA Hydracloud Cream.


Activate your skin's innate healing potential and natural radiance with YINA Hydracloud Cream. An innovative blend of East Asian medicinal plants, niacinamide and peptides that targets hydration from all angles, reduces inflammation, enhances elasticity, and protects against oxidative stress and signs of premature aging. This nourishing, lightweight cream imparts a dewy, ethereal glow.

To use: Apply desired amount onto cleansed skin and after misting. Gently massage cream in circular motions from the cheeks to the rest of the face and neck, focusing on dry and sensitive areas.

Pro tip: Apply Hydracloud Cream while the skin is still damp from the Essential Mist to optimize hydration and enhances absorption, resulting in softer and more supple skin.