Liver Health and Better Sleep

$ 30.00

Join YINA founders and guest host Jun Negoro for a masterclass to support your Liver Health and Better Sleep on March 18th, 2022 at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET

This is a online class where you'll get to learn about:

  • Yang Sheng wellness recommendations to support your health during spring.
  • Liver meridians, functions, symptoms, and health.
  • Gua Sha techniques and acupoints for restful sleep and smooth Qi flow in the Liver Meridian.

You'll also get to participate in Q&A and do a Gua Sha ritual together.   

 full-time physician trained in TCM and Biomedical Science in Singapore where she's also the founder of TCM wellness platform "Kanpobliss", which makes Chinese Medicine simple, fun and educational.

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You'll also receive a recording after the class.

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