PMS Symptoms Relief

$ 30.00

Join YINA founders and guest host Rachel Root, L.Ac. for a masterclass to Relieve PMS Symptoms on April 18th, 2021 at 9am PT/ 12pm ET

This is a online class where you'll get to learn about:

  • Potential causes of PMS
  • How to reduce inflammation, clear toxic heat, support the liver, and promote healthy bowel movements
  • Gua Sha techniques and acupoints for a smooth monthly flow

You'll also get to participate in Q&A and do a Gua Sha ritual together.   

Rachel Root is a coach, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist specializing in women’s health and fertility. She is the creator of Root Care, online coaching for people with fertility, hormonal, and gynecological struggles. We invite you to join us to learn more about what may be causing your PMS symptoms, and how TCM and body gua sha ritual can prevent them.

“What I want now more than anything is to teach women the best ways to care for themselves and see the early warning signs, so that we can intervene before the problem gets too large or prevent them from occurring in the first place.” — Rachel

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You'll also receive a recording after the class.

You will receive an email to register for the event in order to receive the link to the class. 

In response to the recent increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans, we are hosting another body gua sha masterclass to raise funds for Risenow.us, to which 100% of proceeds will be donated.