Skin-Perfecting Rituals For Summer


It’s possible to experience dry skin issues during the height of summer. For most places, summertime manifests as longer days, increased humidity, and rising temperatures.  But if you live in a place with low humidity, such as Sedona, the hot dry summer climate can cause rough, parched, and peeling skin.  Quite different from a humid climate like say, Hong Kong, where one may encounter oilier, more active skin issues.

While it makes sense switching to lighter products to keep active skin under control during the summer months, be mindful about keeping your skin adequately hydrated and protected.  If you experience dryness in summer, be sure to use water-binding products to cool and hydrate your skin.  Don't forget to load up on high water-content foods such as melons and cucumbers, drink enough fluids, and use a good SPF.


Do you know that you can always mix two of our seasonal oils to multiply their benefits?  For example, if you are traveling from Florida to San Francisco during summertime, try mixing a little of the LUCENT and ENLIGHTEN oil serums together.  We find this helps with adjusting and stabilizing the skin to a new environment.  Each seasonal oil is created to complement their neighboring season and LUCENT blends best with ENLIGHTEN or GRACE.     Note: We do not recommend mixing more than two beauty oils together, otherwise the scent can get a little muddled.  


Wherever you may be this summer, we've designed 3 different beauty rituals to keep your skin gorgeous and radiant all summer.   

average 53-77°F (12 - 25°C), 60% humidity
Possible Condition:     Slightly dry, combination or sensitive skin

Solution:                    ENLIGHTEN Hydrolat + a combination of LUCENT and ENLIGHTEN Beauty Oils

average 80-95°F (27 - 35°C), 70%-90% humidity
Possible Condition:     Oily, congested, blemish-prone skin
Solution:                    LUCENT Duo

average 71-99°F (22-37°C), 30% humidity
Possible Condition:     Rough, dry, sun damaged skin
Solution:                    LUCENT Hydrolat + GRACE Beauty Oil



Take us with you on your next globe-trotting journey. Our PETIT SET makes great travel companions to help your skin stay vital and gorgeous as you move between time zones and seasons.

Unsure of what’s the best ritual for you?  Reach out to our care team, who is happy to guide you through a personalized ritual:

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