Of Revelry and Transformation - The Pig

Happy Lunar New Year of the Earth Pig! 

The Pig is the last zodiac animal in the 12-year cycle so it’s time for a splendid celebration!  This is the year to engage in all manners of revelry: beauty, music, art, dance, and of course, FOOD!  Invite friends over and build new alliances over savories and refreshments; all group endeavors will have power, strength and be mutually beneficial. 

Indulge your inner Pig!  Enjoy delicious food, get cozy, take naps, loll around, and cultivate calm and clarity. 

The Pig personifies domestic tendencies with a fierce attitude (think Miss Piggy!); the Pig is personable, benevolent, accepting, and a great caregiver.  If you watch a mother sow in the wild, she is a courageous protector.   A sow fearlessly confronts predators 3 times her size and is willing to face death in order to protect her young.  

You may notice some similarities and differences between last year’s Earth Dog and 2019’s Earth Pig.  Both the Pig and Dog years share the theme of protecting what you value most.  They are everyone’s ideal friend and family.  However the Dog follows orders and stays loyal to their pack while the Pig does not.   Pig, the ultimate protector, exemplifies our most cherished notion of home.  

Even though we are in the Earth Pig year, the native element of Pig is Water.  When you add this year’s element of Earth with Water, this feeds the Wood element, which symbolizes fertility and growth.  Here’s a great Ted-ed video: https://youtu.be/may2s9j4RLk if you are inclined to learn more about the Chinese zodiac.

Even though it’s recommended to frolic and luxuriate, there is a fine line between self-indulgent and debauchery.  One has to be careful about being overly indulgent, otherwise stagnation, sluggishness, congestion, and feelings of depletion may arise. 

The Pig year is about celebrating the fruits of our labor and digesting what we have learned in the last 12 years to inspire us for the new cycle.   You might be able to find lots of conclusions, whether it be long term projects, old investments, or delayed lawsuits.

It’s a year of abundance and a deep celebration of life. 

Think of the Qi this year like a full-spread buffet; you eat what your appetite demands or what you are capable of digesting.  We are not talking about just the stuff you eat and drink.   Books, ideas, movies, concerts, friendships, art shows, conversations, and non-tangible experiences feed your soul and replenish your spirit.  

Your family and friends may feel the openness of this year to such an extent that they may reveal more of themselves.  Embrace this intimacy.  Pig being the last zodiac animal, also symbolizes transformation.  They can turn any difficulty into enjoyment and humor, laughing at the tough situations.  There is an accessibility to spirituality this year, more carefree and less orthodox.  You might get further along in your spiritual path and find new breakthroughs to deepen your practice.  For some it may be time to restart your yoga or meditation practice.

This is also a great year to learn new things, as long as you are having fun.  Liberate yourself and don’t get caught up in whether you’re good at something or if it’s perfect enough.   Relish being in the moment and enjoy the experience.  The activity may be irrelevant and has no productive value, but you may thoroughly enjoy it and that matters most.  Love, friendships, family,  community, and all kinds of relationships are on the forefront now.   Last year was about re-evaluating things, this year is to forget all of it and just have fun.  Let go of expectations of your peers, colleagues, friends, and family.  Cultivate joy and delight!  What you take in, when and how, determines what will come out the other side!  It might be worthwhile to consider pushing massive efforts and launching new projects/ businesses for the coming Metal Rat year in 2020.  In the meantime relax, indulge, and embrace your inner pigginess!



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