Hello Earth Dog

Every new year inspires new beginnings. Following the East Asian lunisolar calendar, the first day of spring (Li Chun-立春) arrived February 4th this year. As Qi begins to rise, senses are reawakened and new ideas are born.

“The three months of spring are a time of birth and pervasiveness. Grasses sprout and trees bud. All living beings/things flourish in the new, dynamic qi that opens up and outward.” ~ Liu Ming on Huang Di Nei Jing

The arrival of longer days stimulates us to rise earlier and venture outside to catch spring’s fresh, crisp air. It’s also a great season to start a new fitness routine or renew your yoga practice. Spring initiates a playful, child-like quality to our energy. It’s the perfect time to pick up a new book, explore a new skill, take a class, try new cuisines, and meet new people. By staying fresh and open, we foster the growth of our inner Qi and broaden our own experiences.

Here comes the EARTH DOG!

This year's Spring Festival aka Lunar New Year ushers the arrival of Earth Dog.  The Fire Rooster has crowed and Earth Dog trots in on February 16th, 2018. The twelve animals in Chinese zodiac symbolize a pattern of time sequence. These twelve-year cycles reveal a repeating pattern that many of us can relate to. Monkey has fun and makes a bit of a mess, the Rooster puts everything back in order, through logic, precision, reasoning, and hierarchy. While Dog supports, stabilizes, solidifies, and creates alliances. 

Moving past two fiery years of passion, ambition, change, and transformation. Some of us might have even stepped too close to the mesmerizing flame and got a little scorched. I
t's time to finally exhale and take a deep breath to regroup. We will feel a relief of tensions and anxiety, especially during the later part of the year. The Earth element influence will welcome a period of more stability and groundedness. Earth is the native element of the Dog. This is the year when social justice, equanimity, welfare reform, and equality will be prominent. 

Dogs are man's best friends since the millennia. They are our companions, guides, and family. Dogs are loyal, protective, fun, and loving. It is probably one of the Chinese zodiac signs that we understand and relate to best. The Earth Dog Year loves all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or economic status.

Woof...speak up! Bark at injustice and be heard! Equality will prevail. Make the change, implement policies that matter, and stand firm with your core values. But let’s also ease up on judgment. This is the year to let down your walls to share love and be loved. Make time for your friends and family. Create new alliances and meet new people. All gestures of love, trust, and loyalty will deepen your connection with others this year. Take the time to care for yourself and your pack. Work hard, but also take time to roll back and receive love.

A Story of Love and Compassion

71 year-old Uncle Wang devotes all his time and resources to save stray dogs and cat.  Every month he spends almost his entire small pension on pet food, veterinary visits, and pet medication.  We thought we'd chip in help uncle Wang and his animals.

From February 8th to 18th, we will donate 5 pounds of pet food with every online purchase to
Uncle Wang and his animals in Beijing. 
Orders above $88 will also receive a 5YINA treasure and a lucky red envelope!