A Fire Rooster New Year

The first new moon on January 28th, 2017 marked the beginning of the Spring Festival (the Lunar New Year). While we invite the Yin Fire Rooster to come forward and create some order for us in 2017, it's the end of the Yang Fire Monkey Year of 2016. 

The Spring Festival is celebrated for two weeks; it's like Christmas, New Year, and everyone's birthday all rolled up into one. Woot woot! Celebrations bring forth generosity and social gatherings encourage your spring spirit to grow. During this two-week period, the first signs of Yang qi return. The deep Yin of the winter is decreasing, while Yang slowly inches forward; still only slightly active under the surface of the Earth.

What does this mean exactly? It’s a period where you get to feel newness. The buds (new yang) are appearing on trees, waiting for the perfect time to open. Renew relationships, reach out to friends, old and new, to reinforce stronger bonds and forge alliances. During the day, it's best to eat several small meals with family and friends.  

This past Fire Monkey year may have been disorienting for many of us. The “anything goes” atmosphere of the Monkey year may have zapped some of our sanity, patience, and tolerance. A Fire Rooster year will be less chaotic but a critical, analytical, and argumentative nature will be available to everyone. So if our passion turns to aggression, ideals become excessive, we may become more selfish and close-minded. Yet, there is also plenty of room for us to articulate, reflect, and get things done if we are able to maintain openness and awareness of our health and mental state.   

In a Rooster year, there is great opportunity for organization and refinement of our thoughts, space, and relationships. A good time to take stock of our lives in a realistic and practical way. We must all soften our opinions in order to see logical possibilities. We have a choice to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and words. We can gather this ability to further improve the way we communicate with our family, friends, and our community. It will likely be a transformative year for many of us.

Do take time to properly rest and nourish your body and spirit this season. Winter implores us to relax, enjoy the down time, take naps, and just be.

May the new year inspire clarity, unity, and sincerity.

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